Brick Making Machine

  • Host machine power: 45.38KW
  • Moulding area: 1025×810mm
  • Vibration force: 100KN
  • Moulding period: 15-25S
  • Mixer model: JS750
  • Pallet size: 1350×900×30mm

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■ Product Description And Specifications

Automatic Hydraulic Concrete or Fly ash Brick Making Machine
Automatic concrete brick making machine QT10-15 could produce many kinds of hollow block, solid brick, porous block, paver block and so on, just change the different moulds, it is economic investment for clients.
Main Advantages:
(1) Full automatic and hydraulic automatic block making machine , can produce all kinds of bricks, and just change the moulds, such as the solid bricks, hollow blocks, paver blocks and so on.(2) German Siemens motors(3) Japan Mitsubishi PLC(4) Omron travel switch(5) The moulds: We adopt the heat treatment technique to increase the lifespan of the moulds(6) Certificates: SGS/CE/ISO9001 2008(7) Mould heat treatment & carburization technology(8) Strong High-Strength Steel Structure.

1. The workshop area: 200m2
2. The office, curing area and stacking area to arrange according your fact status.
3. Worker requirement: From loading material to transport finished block we need about 5-6 person to operate the whole line.
4. Raw Materials, Sources and Availability.
Fly-Ash Brick Making Machine:
1) This Raw material is freely available in Thermal Power plants. There are no taxes on this itemwhatsoever. Transportation charges are only to be attended by the entrepreneur.However, the proposed Unit will get Fly Ash from locally available ThrmalPowerplants, which is having best quality fly ash not only in the country, but also in thewhole world
Lime used in this process is known as Hydrated Lime, which can be obtainedby Calcining Brunt Lime. One KG of Brunt Lime gives 2.2 Kgs of Hydrated Lime afterCalcining. Brunt Lime can be obtained from Kuddur, Andhra Predesh where Lime Kilns andHigh Quality Brunt Lime are pettily available. Alternativily Hydrated lime is available as anindustrial by-product of Paper Mills
This Project however aims to utilize OPC cement as a substitute for Lime. Itwill give faster strength to the bricks, besides giving improved consistent quality. It alsoensures a better cost effectiveness for the same. Using OPC will be a standardized practicecompared to Lime, as, unlike OPC, Lime quality changes widely across suppliers and acrossseasons. The other prime advantages of using OPC (compared to Lime) is it’s easyavailability locally through nationwide Retail Network of Cement Companies.
3)Gypsm:This too is an industrial waste. This is available at Fertilizer Plant as inindustrial wastes
4)Sand / Crusher Dust.Sand is used as an economizer and to increase the strength of bricks to some extant. Sand is procured locally. Crusher dust can also be successfully used in place of sand.

(1).Cement silo
Freely structure, capacity 100Ton, diameter 2.3m, height 8.5-9m,weght 5T
(2).Screw conveyer
This is instrumental for transporting fly ash from the silos (optional fitting) or cement hopper (optional fitting) to the loading bins of the batching machine.
(3) PLD1200 batching machine
Function: This is the starting point of the Production process. It consists of three loading bins and one weighing bin. It also contains belt conveyers to convey materials from loading bins to weighing bin. Batching and weighing is done by PLC control. We can load three different types of material into the loading bin.
(4) JS750 mixer machine
Function:All the ingredients are mixed in this mixture machine. The mixing time and speed is controlled by PLC. The inbuilt water pump adds water to the mix automatically, as per requirement.
(5). Belt conveying machine (8m)
When the batching plant’s weighing bin trips according to the PLC control, the material comes to this conveyor belt. The material is then carried to the mixture machine.
(6) Host machine
This lifts the pallets carrying the bricks/blocks, and stacks them on 5 to 6 layers automatically.
Production process:
(1) A mix of Fly Ash, Cement,Gypsum and Sand/Crusher Dust are blended homogenously and intimately in a semi wet form in a PAN mixture. The Water: Mix ratio to be maintained at 6 to 7 %.
(2) The loading of Fly-Ash to Pan Mixture is through screw conveyers fromSilo. OPC can be charged through a similar process if Silo Loading is available or via WeighBatch loader manually. Gypsum, the quantity being low, is loaded via Weigh Batch loadermanually. The aggregates are loaded by Front Loader Trucks through Weigh Batchers.
(3) The mix is carried to the casting machine by means of conveyer belt.
The mix is then collected fed into the machine moulds. Automatic PLC controlledVibration and hydraulic pressure is given for a while and bricks are cast on the pallets. Thepallets along with the freshly cast bricks are rolled on a roller platform to the pallet stacker.
(4) The Pallet stacker stacks the pallets along with the bricks automatically and the final stack of5 to 10 pallets and bricks are lifted with a Fork Lifter and carried to the drying bay/room for24 Hours for initial setting. Soon after the initial setting, the Blocks/ Bricks are stacked forcuring in layers. The layers are stacked in a way to enable water and air to go all around, toensure proper curing and drying. The curing process is continued for 7 days. The blocks areallowed to normally dry for a day. Now they are ready for dispatch.
(5) Alternatively, the blocks/bricks can be steam cures for 8 hours immediately afterproduction, and made ready for dispatch immediately.
(6) A Compressive strength of 80 to 250 Kg/Cm2 is generally obtained from the mix design, as suggested in the “Elaborated Details Page” of this Project Profile. The resultingbricks will have around 5 %water absorption and around 1.5 Gms/CC Density.Please refer the “Process Flowchart Drawing” given in following page.

Technical Parameters:

Dimension of host machine 3500×2220×2850mm Host machine power 45.38KW
Moulding area 1025×810mm Vibration force 100KN
Moulding period 15-25S Mixer model JS750
Pallet size 1350×900×30mm General water Consumption 12T/every day
Weight of the host machine 14T Voltage Clients local Industrial voltage

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