Improved Simple Dry Mortar Production Line

  • Model: MGDM3.0-1 improved dry mortar plant
  • Capacity: 4-5t/h
  • Mixing time: 3~5min per batch
  • Occupancy: 20 square meter
  • Max height: 4.2m
  • Worker required: 2-3 workers

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  • Improved Simple Dry Mortar Production Line
  • Improved Simple Dry Mortar Production Line
■ Product Description And Specifications

MG series improved simple dry mortar production line is designed based on the traditional mixer, is added a material conveying system, a storage silo and an automatic packaging machine. The well-mixed materials will go into the storage silo via material conveying pipe, and the mixer may be feed consecutively and work continuously in flow line production, but the equipment is not over 4 meters high, thus solving the problem of heightening the workshop. Moreover, it may realize automatic metering and packaging, hence, it may not merely save the time and energies but also may be more accurate. It required little investment, but it may load, weight and package the materials automatically; no wondering, it is a simple but practical production line.


Flowing chart of MGDM3.0-1 improved plant:

improved plant flow chart

Features of high efficiency twin shaft agravic mixer in this plant:
It takes full advantage of convective mixing. The upcast materials form a fluidized bed, and they are under weightlessness within a moment. It makes the great mixing condition. There’re two shafts in different rotating direction with blade in the body. The blade stirs the material in a certain angle in both axial direction and radial direction.In this way, the materials mix very fast and have a good homogeneous degree. In order to minimum the cost for spare parts, the blade can be made as two piece. There is a small removable blade on the seat of the big blade. The worn out small blade can change very easily, and it saves the cost comparing with changing the whole blade. The discharging valve is normally pneumatic(manual) flap valve. The valve is implanted into the body, and flush the inside of the body. It makes little material accumulation and no dead angle.

There’re big dis-charing and small discharging solution for the machine. The big discharging is opened till the vertical body wall, this type can discharge very fast and have few remain.

The products of MGDM3.0-1 improved dry mortar production line:

1,Putty powder;
2,Masonry mortar;
3,Thin and Smooth wall mortar;
4,Water proof mortar;
5,Plaster powder;
6,Wall plastering mortar;
7,Ceramic tile adhesive mortar.

dry mortars

The workshop occupy 100m2, and the equipment occupy 20 m2, the height of the equipment is 4.2m, it need 2-3 people to operate the machine, 1000kg for one batch.


Main parameters of simple type dry mortar production line

Technical data
Main configuration: 
material conveying system, dry mortar mixer,
storage silo, automatic packaging machine, 
control system. Raw material: Cement, sand,
fly ash, gelatine powder, cellulose 
and other additives.
Power mixing(kw)
Power lift(kw)
Delivery time
7 days after receiving the deposit


MGDM3.0-1 improved plant on job site in India:

improved plant mgdm3.0-1

Kindly reference to the video to see this plant commissioning at our factory:

■ Certifications

Zhengzhou MG ISO and CE certificate:

■ Customer Visiting

With high quality and good after sale service, MG series sand dryer and dry mortar machine with CE and ISO certificate, has exported to more than 30 countries until now. We warmly welcome the client worldwide come to our factory for study and cooperation on the dry mortar production line.

zhengzhou mg factory

■ Packaging And Shipping

 Professional pacakaging and good care during transportation:

1. Spare parts & insutrumemnt fit in wooden case; 

2. The main parts packed in buble film to prevent dust and paint damage;

3. Wire rod fixed the machine inside container to prevent slide crash.

4. Take photos of every part load into  container, and send these photos to client for reference.

wall putty m achine delivery to india


1, How about the investment of this project?

 A: Our engineer can design the dry mortar plant as your requirement and your budget, different dry mortar plant investment are difference. 

Low capacity low cost, we will provide you cost effective solutions as your requirement. 

2, What's the difference between MGDM3.0 simple plant and MGDM3.0-1 improved plant ? 

A: (1) They use different mixer. MGDM3.0 simple plant use ribbon mixer, MGDM3.0-1 improved plant use twin shaft paddle mixer. 

    (2)  MGDM3.0-1 improved plant is higher capacity than MGDM3.0 simple plant.

    (3)  MGDM3.0-1 improved plant can upgrade into semi auto plant or auto plant in future, but MGDM3.0 simple plant can not.

3,  How many person required to operate this dry mortar plant?

A: Usually 2-3 workers are enogh to operate this dry mortar plant. 

4,  What equipment and services you can provide? 

A: We can provide you turnkey solution of dry mortar plant from working site planning to dry mortar machines, transportation, installation and training, formula of dry mortars, after-sales services, life time technical support etc. 

5, What is the area required for this dry mortar plant? 

A: 20 m2.

6, What is the total power consumption (KW) of this dry mortar plant?

A: It is 35.5kw. 

7, What is the capacity of your dry mortar plant? 

A: We have dry mortar plant with capacity 3-30T/H as your requirement, and also we can customize the dry mortar plant as your capacity requirement. 

8,  How long is the guarantee period? 

A: 12 months, within this period, we provide you spare parts and services for free. 

9,  Can we install this plant in my country ourself ? 

A:  Yes, this plant is very simple, and easy for assembling. we will send you commissioning video, you can easily settle it by yourself. For the semi auto plant or auto plant, we will send engineer for guiding installation on site.

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