Delivery photos to malaysia about annual output 10 thousand tons plant


At 17 o'clock on March 15, 2015, after seven and a half hours intense work, the company sent to Malaysia GREENLIFE 100,000 tons of dry mortar production line equipment successfully loading, sealing official launching, departuring to the  Qingdao port.
The set of equipment is our joint Shanghai Shibang Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. to jointly develop large-scale dry mortar production line, design capacity of 100,000 tons of refined dry mortar. Ceramic milling equipment package covers, automatic batching, efficient transport, intelligent hybrid, tons of bags and bulk unloading and other links. A full set of scientific equipment design, matching precision, intelligent control, performance outstanding. Especially in bulk operating system, equipped with the latest high-efficiency automated bulk machines, a number of technical indicators exceed national standards, greatly improving the efficiency of loading and unloading of bulk finished mortar.
The equipment is expected to arrive in late March , Malaysia , the company engineering and technical personnel will  start with the period of expansion and other post-installation operations.