What we should see if the thermal insulation devices drive power distribution system has reached operational requirements?


Insulation mortar equipment produced in normal hours, to obtain a satisfactory drive, it can enhance performance, increase production, so often check if there are more than satisfied with the electric drive is particularly important. Mortar equipment is working properly, the power supply should not be lower than the nominal value of the mortar device input voltage. The true essence of the transformer built into the dome, after power supply to the transformer mortar equipment. Mortar limited space inside the device, with built-in transformer so that the strength of electricity, and then the impact of weak signals. In addition, the built-in transformer will increase the heat to bear, then it increases the likelihood of an internal circuit burned.

      Insulation mortar equipment is not electric drive has been satisfactory? By multimeter test method is in the case of mortar equipment open with a multimeter to measure voltage mortar equipment end of the power line voltage is not within the observation mortar equipment allowable range. It requires exceptionally careful that the mortar outdoor equipment when initiating or pause heater, power dissipated far, mortar outdoor equipment also particularly want to install external lightning protection. In general, the bracket is mounted on the pole outdoor equipment mortar shell because screwing on the metal stent has been constituted natural ground protection, can not handle exceptionally