Dry mortar production line layout and site selection


In recent years, with the implementation of the steady growth of the domestic real estate market and the new rural provinces transformation plan, city reconstruction plan and other policies, the domestic dry mortar and booming market, more investors will be eyeing the industry.
Zhengzhou Ming Machinery Co., as the domestic well-known manufacturers of dry mortar equipment, it is necessary here to tell investors how to choose the majority of sites dry mortar production line as well as rational, scientific production site layout.
  First, dry mortar production line site should meet the following conditions:
  1, convenient transportation: whether dry mortar still need to import raw materials such as the purchase of large quantities of sand, cement, ash, calcium, glass beads, etc., and export of large quantities of dry mortar or. These goods need to be transported large vehicle traffic is so good foundation and build factories.
  2, away from the residential, commercial, office areas: domestic equipment manufacturers of dry mortar technology is still growing stage, large equipment has gradually improved during the current package of equipment will inevitably be dust and noise. Established in residential, commercial, office and other regional government agencies will not be allowed.
  3, from the raw material to close better: As the dry mortar and require large quantities of raw materials from the raw materials to close can save a lot of transportation costs and delivery times late. Of course, not all the ingredients to be close to the origin, or you can choose a distance of several major suppliers of raw materials relatively close to the venue.
  4, to meet the electricity needs of equipment: dry mortar in large devices are equipped with high-power motors and electrical power supply requirement for higher grounds, it is recommended to consult the manufacturer in advance the total power of the device to control the site when the majority of investors choose the venue power supply meets the equipment needs.
  5, site drainage, ventilation good: dry mortar degrees, there are strict requirements for drying, production sites can not leaking, water, wet conditions. Medium and large dry mortar production line has elevator pit, the depth of water under the site is higher than 3 m is the best.