horizontal dry Powder mortar mixer classification and characteristics


on the market existing dry powder mixing equipment  are mainly horizontal and vertical powder mixer powder mixer, vertical mixer stir because the degree is not high, low yield, convenient maintenance and many other reasons is gradually being replaced by horizontal powder mixer, horizontal powder mixer to avoid the density of gravity caused by different raw material stratification in the mixing process, and easy installation, low cost, high yield, easy maintenance, etc., has been loved by the majority of customers.
Horizontal powder mixer mainly in the following forms:
    Uniaxial horizontal ribbon blender, single-axis horizontal multi-ribbon blenders, horizontal twin-shaft paddle weightless mixer three kinds of mixers.
    Uniaxial horizontal ribbon mixer is one of the most typical dry powder mixing equipment, as for mixing cement mortar paste without additives, is not suitable putty powder, mixing mortar facades warm dry blend and other powder materials.
    Uniaxial horizontal ribbon mixer is a horizontal multi-simplified, single-axis even from inside and outside the two to three in the opposite direction of the spiral belt, can produce adequate mixing of raw materials in different directions, between the outer ribbon and Simplified minimal distance, after discharge residue was small, the lower horizontal plane is provided under the open door activities. Easy installation, low noise, high efficiency, suitable for all kinds of putty powder, external insulation mortar powder dry mixing of raw materials, is an ideal investment for SMEs production equipment.
    Horizontal twin-shaft paddle weightless powder mixer
The equipment belongs to the weightlessness mixer, weightlessness mixer horizontal mixer tubular body with dual axial rotation direction blades, blade angle will produce the axial and radial circulation welling up, a variety of raw materials mixed rapidly, reducer drive the biaxial rotation speed blade combined gravity material will weaken, with the disappearance of gravity, the presence of each material particle size, proportion of the poor differences disappear during mixing. Intense stirring motion to shorten a time for mixing, faster and more efficient. It is widely used putty powder dry mortar, mixed mortar and other insulation materials powder mixing. Overall weight is relatively large, the use of start opening, stirring speed and in line with the framework used in the main application being complete production line equipment.