Using our dry mortar equipment, give you precise and sincere care


Dry-mixed mortar equipment with similar domestic product compared to dry-mixed mortar equipment, mainly has the following significant advantages:
     1. dispersed. Internal mixer with a unique structural design, can effectively disperse polypropylene fiber and wood fiber, completely solve the segregation and secondary fiber agglomeration and other issues due to the different specific gravity of the material caused;
     2. The use of a wide range. The device is able to meet the performance requirements of different dry mortar production needs. Such as: masonry mortar plastering mortar. Insulation systems and other desired mortar decorative mortar dry mortar;
     3. The cost-effective. For external wall insulation mortar production and decoration projects, only a small investment, high efficiency, and avoid the machine is idle and waste of resources caused by excessive investment;
     4. Easy to use. The device has a small footprint, low energy consumption, easy to operate, can be used directly without basic advantage of using the installation. Yield 3-5 tons per hour, workers 3-6 people to operate.