Domestic developments in thermal insulation equipment


The large number of domestic production of thermal insulation equipment manufacturers, every company has the appropriate features. Now we look for thermal insulation equipment development direction in the next few years.
  1. increase innovation
  At present, thermal insulation installation or dry mortar production line are sent to the scene by the manufacturers installation personnel assembly, welding, the more so since the large-scale installation cycle is relatively long dry mortar equipment, the welded portion is very unsightly but also a waste of time to the late equipment up painting. Therefore, all manufacturers should be bold and innovative manufacturing reasonable, as far as possible to stay in the factory welded parts, assembled at the scene just can. Currently Zhengzhou insulation mortar equipment Ming will achieve full screw fastening site installation, greatly reducing installation time and equipment clean and the atmosphere.
  2. Reduce the dust
  Currently insulation mortar dry mortar equipment and production lines are equipped with dust removal equipment, but the effect of dust is still not ideal. Not the manufacturer without taking into account, for many reasons, some of which are not reasonable Sciences dedusting equipment layout, some of the sealing device is not installed, some of the holes because the installation welding process caused by some manufacturers is the technical strength can not reach. Ming-mechanical in people-oriented principle, rational planning the layout of dust, equipment to strengthen the connection seal will give top priority to the health of every operation of the device.
  3. Increased automation
   With the rapid development of China's economy, China's labor cost is getting higher and higher. This requires that the degree of thermal insulation thermal insulation equipment automation equipment manufacturers each produced higher and higher, so not only can greatly improve the production equipment, but also effectively reduce the labor intensity and quantity.
   Quality is a solid foundation for development of the company, innovation is the driving force behind the company source, integrity is the broad road of development of the company.