Thermal insulation equipment, professional software features


Thermal insulation devices can be automated operating procedures, its software can accomplish the following functions:
1, the software and sign electronic scales calibration needs of the user password, useful to ensure the safety of the main production data.
2, three-dimensional interface, real-time animated show production, batching value, said value, the number of production and other data and produce abnormal condition information.
3, take the initiative to adjust the gap and has a function to judge the trend, marking initiative negative, zero initiative stalking, peeled and other keys.
4, under the initiative called complement that measurement tolerances of various materials alone are adjustable.
5, local data management system for user-friendly produce detailed, fact sheets, summary report query output, browsing or output it to a printer. Continuous appear pink tank inventory.
Thermal insulation on the degree of automation control equipment to complete the skills to improve the degree of mechanization insulation mortar occupation produced, so that thermal insulation higher degree of automation equipment, has become even more advanced one.