Finished products warehouse insulation mortar production line and filling machine maintenance


1, insulation mortar equipment gear lubricating oil for the first time after replacing a month later to check once a month, in time to add 1/2 of the oil standard window.
2, the coupling check back once a month, to be replaced when the cushion is damaged, timely sturdy screw;
3, both ends of the bearing position to check once a month, and timely greasing.
4, timely check the seal condition, reducing the particles. The following are sub-installed insulation mortar equipment maintenance methods:
1, the position of the main bearing lubrication once a month.
2, a foreign body into the spout thermal insulation equipment downtime is timely, open the bottom of the manhole to clean.
3, once a month on the motor belt tightness, timely replacement when worn.
4, holding all parameters set mortar sub-installed on the device, do not arbitrarily change.