High efficiency thermal insulation equipment, production technology ultra-high thermal insulation equipment


Insulation mortar equipment after a decade of ups and downs, and now most vendors have developed their own set of production systems, according to customer demand for design and production of different scenarios, the greatest degree of increase production and productivity, for our customers to bring more big gains.
With the continuous development of materials science, decorative materials technology is increasingly innovation, so as the innovative technology of thermal insulation, thermal insulation of the production process equipment is also rising, let's take a look at the analysis process high-quality thermal insulation equipment Process:
A precise batching system
    Basically rely on traditional mortar construction workers weighing or estimate the proportion of the various ingredients, and thermal insulation is used computer-controlled mixing the ingredients, a self-test software calibration accuracy and easy maintenance, color crt display device section process flow diagram, the ratio of raw materials more accurate.
Second, efficient mixing system
  1, high efficiency, up to complete to expect from the mixed 2 minutes, mixing of up to 99%.
  2, the mixer uses a unique technology, design more scientific, to ensure mixing quality while reducing power consumption.
  3, high-speed Flying solve the problem of fiber clumping when mixed.
  4, better sealing machine, a feeding device unique, long life, no pollution, ensuring the health of production workers.
Third, the scientific and practical accurate packaging system
    According to product type, open type flexible installation, the valve port type or impeller-type packaging machine, easy to operate, simply set into the bag valve port, you can auto-complete, accurate weighing, packaging and high quality.