how to debug and maintenance Insulation mortar production line impulse dust collector


Insulation mortar production line pulse dust collector is an indispensable part of the quality of its functioning, and is closely related to our work environment, directly affect the health of all staff. After we installed the pulse dust collector, the operator shall be effected in various parts of the pulse filter debugging:
  1. Check the power source is correct gas is turned on, the pulse sequence controller according to a digital display to check the connection open order to verify the control line and the solenoid valve, the solenoid valves in order to confirm correct operation.
  2, in accordance with the instructions set pulse controller control circuit, the solenoid valve should be compatible with the number of controller output circuit. Adjust the pulse width (ie, the solenoid valve injection time) pulse interval (ie, blowing between the solenoid valve adjacent time interval), the pulse width adjustment range: 0.03 to 0.3 seconds, the pulse interval adjustment range: 3 to 60 seconds . Pulse controller requires to have an accurate pulse signal output, digital program digital display should be no disturbance phenomenon.
  3, check the fan for foreign objects, close the valve, inching running direction of the fan power switch to check the fan. Support process piping, connection is stable and secure. Open the filter inspection door, check the bag securely installed, sealing, turn the fan pipe running test performed, so that the pipeline run no abnormal noise, good seal.
  4, to observe the operation of the solenoid valve is sensitive and reliable, the activities of the armature switch sound is clear and without disorder phenomenon, consistent injection time of each pulse valve and the degree of opening. After debugging, turn off the power, gas supply, close the valve and check the security field devices.
    General Procedure load debugging: debugging must load after load commissioning, the entire process of commissioning follows the commissioning program, according to the order process run precipitator.
  1, filter before use, compressed air supply should open the case of centralized valve, check the pressure value, the case of gas compressor, air compressor should be started (generally 15 minutes in advance) until the pressure rises to a certain value when the wind to start up, pulse controller system, over 5 minutes, then start the fan, the fan will be adjusted before the start of the valve is closed until the fan is operating normally and then slowly open the throttle.
  2, in the dust begins normal operation for some time, we must continue to observe the operation, observe or detect dust, to better adjust the pulse width and spacing, to prevent excessive lack of cleaning or cleaning, both of which can affect precipitator working condition and performance. ESP is in operation, observe the pulse controller, solenoid valve working condition, after confirming normal, short-term closure fan and pulse control device, open the door for viewing surface of the collector bag gray case and in accordance with dust concentration of dust and gas to adjust the pulse width, pulse interval.
  3. Adjust each regulating valve on the suction outlet, so that the amount of suction suction outlet to meet the requirements, so that the whole air network in a reasonable running.
  4, dust removal system after debugging To stop, press the stop order of the following, first stop the fan, compressor and then stop over N minutes, N is greater than or equal to three injection cycle until the pressure drops to <0.2MPa or less, Close pulse controller system.