Dry mortar production line impulse dust collector pulse solenoid valve solenoid valve installation considerations


Insulation mortar production line pulse dust collector is an indispensable part of the quality of its functioning, and is closely related to our work environment, directly affect the health of all staff.
    In order to improve production efficiency and quality of dust, you must understand the installation requirements pulsed electromagnetic valve, pulse valve to maintenance pay attention to what use, care and maintenance, the following Tech to tell you this question. Ming mechanical finishing for everyone on a fast pulse filter cleaning methods:
Pulsed electromagnetic valve installation precautions are as follows:
    1, when using the new pulse electromagnetic valve, you must first read the equipment manual for operation to use the basic structure, performance and baghouse to avoid the use of blindness.
    2, leave enough space so easy to carry out maintenance work.
    3, to avoid electrical box by pulsed electromagnetic valve leaking windows and shoulder areas.
    4, the buyer must be prepared to plant an external power supply, enough cable to connect the power plant to the machine's main power inlet.
    5, the bottom line must be installed, particularly those factory floor insulation, and so can guarantee personal safety.