Celebrate UAE Customer thermal insulation device went into operation


UAE Customer Jow a pedestrian on August 14 to visit our company, during a visit to the production site Iow equipment entities and a pedestrian on the quality of our equipment and work very satisfied. And through his detailed communication company for the production process and production requirements for his design of the production program and process, our company has been Jow technology and experience fully affirmed and recognized. Jow month our company and signed a contract on 15 January and the device sent to Dubai.
     In mid-May the customer base civil engineering completed, I sent four staff members to the UAE equipment installation and commissioning work, since the climate is hot and the UAE, our staff can not adapt to the local temperature during the day, only to work nights pay after a month of hard work and sweat finally July 3 equipment installation is completed, a successful trial production!
     I would like to thank the staff for customer support and help, but also to thank the staff of hard work!
     The following is the site photo: