Brazil Simple dry mortar production line delivery site


For several days, "barbecue" everyone will weather on the Central Plains are unable to stop the sun, not to mention those that span fat paper are even more tortured tough battle, hardly dare to go up. But our staff has not been knocked down by a hot summer, they are tight checks, stocking, inventory, packaging, too busy working, everyone seemed to take the sweat bath. Because in recent days we have been sent to Brazil, the Philippines, Zambia, three countries the customer's equipment.
  Today, July 15 in Brazil will send the customer a simple type dry mortar production line, of course, it is God for the United States, in the Central Plains last night to celebrate a timely cool rain, brought a fresh summer morning. Although 8:00 am still under a misty rain, but the weather plus the comfort of working staff enthusiasm we took less than an hour will be a simple type dry mortar production line loading is completed. This careful with them a few days ago braved the heat stocking, Tally has a close relationship. In this small series or on behalf of Ming would like to thank all the hard work involved in staff pay.
  The following is the shipping scene pictures