Details determine success or failure, teamwork is essential


In the morning before the official work, the company Li organize all staff had an early meeting. Li had mentioned deteriorating international economic environment background, the country's recession environment, the surrounding building materials under adverse conditions of intense competition, which led to the unprecedented challenges facing our company this year, the pressure is huge. To increase the competitiveness of the company, Li put forward the following points:
First, the manager stressed done things and do some things the difference between how this thing done and do a difficult thing, as long as we carry forward the "one fearing neither hardship nor tired, three not afraid to lose," the spirit, but close teamwork relationship, a common goal, a heart to a thought, an effort to make one, solidarity, build dare Gangan Ganpin teamwork. You will be able to complete the task perfectly.
The second is the details, "section affect the overall situation, the details determine success or failure", for example, on the bucket elevator bearing replacement of wearing parts simple improved method proposed by the Ministry is to focus on technical details of the process, the next competition will be the details. Only through attention to detail, spare effort in every detail, improve market competitiveness, in order to ensure corporate Everlasting.