Quality achievements in development


Regardless of any age, any country, the first element is the quality of enterprise development, there is no good quality assurance, business is always just a castle in the air without a foundation. Zhengzhou Ming mechanical opinion, the key to development lies not in expansion and volume, but requires the improvement of quality, innovation and development out independent research and development on the product.
    Dry mortar equipment quality is good or bad is only a standard, then, good or bad quality standard dry mortar equipment is how to define it?
(1) material drying and storage should be done:
    ① fine aggregate sand must be dried. After drying the moisture content should be less than 0.5%, and other fine aggregate moisture content should be less than 1.0%.
    ② sand should take Sieve different particle size grades are stored in different silos and ensure special uniform particles.
    ③ All materials should be stored in a dedicated silo and clearly marked.
(2) measurement should be accurate:
    ① measurement should be taken to measuring the quality of law.
    ② measurement equipment shall have a valid certificate issued by the legal metrology department.
    ③ measuring equipment must meet the different varieties of dry mortar production.
(3) mixing must be uniform:
    ① dry mortar production line should be fully automatic process control.
    ② mortar dry powder must be forced by mechanical mixing to ensure uniform mixing of the components.
    ③When varieties replace mixing and conveying equipment must be clean.