SMEs are an important force for economic and social development


Currently, manufacturing dry mortar production line equipment industry. Small and medium micro enterprises account for more than 95% of the total number of enterprises, creating 60 percent of total economic output and 50% of profits, 65% of technology patents and 80 percent of new products, in particular, provides about 77 percent of urban jobs. Small micro-enterprises is an important force in the development of dry mortar equipment manufacturing industry in China. Promote the healthy development of small and micro enterprises, is an important basis for maintaining stable and rapid economic development, people's livelihood and social stability is a major strategic task.
Due to energy and raw materials prices, resulting in 2011 ex-factory producer manufacturing costs increased significantly. Meanwhile, the labor cost is increasing, according to estimates, over recent years the minimum wage increased by 20% to 25%. Small micro-enterprise financing problem outstanding.
In recent years, the State Council has issued a series of major policies and measures to further the implementation of the organization to resolve the outstanding problems facing SMEs:
First, solve the financing difficulties of small and micro enterprises. State Council executive meeting in October last year issued a special study to support small and micro enterprise taxation, monetary policy measures, such as encouraging the development of small financial institutions to promote the reform, the implementation of differentiated supervision, give relax reserve ratio, write off bad debts, tax breaks and other Shipping; guide and standardize private lending to support small and micro enterprise development, to effectively curb the tendency of loan sharks; development of direct financing through multiple channels to solve the financing difficulties of small and micro enterprises and other issues. Where new is to develop small loan companies, rural banks and other small financial institutions, which is the reform of institutional mechanisms. Practice has proved that the big banks to solve large enterprises, small banks solve small businesses. To encourage private capital to participate in small banks.
Second, improve the small micro-enterprise social service system. To integrate all kinds of resources and services, accelerate the construction of small and medium micro enterprise technology, management, information, business, software, training, and other public service demonstration platform. According to statistics, there are all kinds of internet services for small and medium micro enterprises more than 4,000, including a national demonstration platform 99, while more than 3,000 small and medium micro-enterprise business base, with an annual training 500 000 small and medium micro enterprise management personnel training ability.