Zhengzhou MG industrial co.,ltd prosperous opening after years


Heart to Kennedy, Zhiyuan line. Zhengzhou MG Iindustrial Co.,ltd will open prosperous in new year. Following last week after the New Year on the 20th issued the first set of equipment, our company has today issued a second set of equipment, a set of client Nanning Simple dry mortar equipment.
         2016 MG will open in double happiness. Yichang, Hubei Co., Ltd. purchased a building a simple dry mortar production line for the inside and outside wall putty, colored decorative dry and powder coatings and other aspects of production. The equipment purchased by the customer today Nanning porcelain used in adhesive, sealant, adhesive or the like above the insulation board production.
         In the next process, the Zhengzhou MG industrial Co., Ltd. will continue to closely track and ensure smooth operation of customers, of production, the interests of boosting production to maximize customer.