The Star Equipment -- Automatic Dry Mortar Production Line


   The automatic dry mortar production line is adopted latest Germany technology, the silo is tower type, and latest management system applied in automatic control which is improve the man-friendly operation in large extent.

   There are seven systems in the dry mortar production line: Raw material storing system, automatic weighing system, conveying system, mixing system, pneumatic system, packing system and dedusting system. Its occupational area is 60m3, the height is 8m, the capacity is 10-20t/h and it needs 4-6 operators.  

   The pictures of the system are as follows:

1. The Overall View of the Automatic Dry Mortar Production Line:

dry mortar production line 33


2. The Cement Silo of the Automatic Dry Mortar Production Line:

cement silo.jpg


3. The Efficient Twin Shaft Agravic Mixer of the Automatic Dry Mortar Production Line:四方双轴05.jpg

twin shaft agravic mixer