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How to maintain the packing machine?

Question one ;The packing machine is not out of material,and the material mouth is blocked by the cement block of the Kraft paper box.

Solutions:fter cleaning the debris within th packing machine and noemal use.

Question two:When you open the packing machine,you find the pressure is not enough leading to the slow output of the packing machine,  it is  not reaching  the expected output

Solutions:After examination,you can find the windpipe is blocked by dust,so you ca  only clean the dust and then use continuously.

Question three:Some of the  production staff .are not in accordance with the strict rules and regulations,they use arbitrarily the equipment, Although there was no bad influence, but for the future long-term production operation.,it is a large hidden danger.

Solutions:Explain of production staffl on site to ensure that they are able to correct and safe operation.