Main features about Automatic dry mortar production line


Dry mortar production line is divided into two kinds of automatic and semi-automatic (ancillary equipment are different), with an annual 3-10 tons. Suitable for medium-sized site provider customers. Suitable for dry mortar, dry mortar, insulation mortar, ready-mixed mortar admixtures, grouts, interface agent, putty powder, chemical powders such as stirring, mixing, measuring, packaging.

Automatic dry mortar production line equipment high degree of intelligence, man-machine dialogue simple, at the same time significantly improve the effectiveness, unit energy consumption and labor costs significantly reduced. Dry mortar production line suitable for the production of more than medium-sized enterprises, this automatic dry mortar equipment for better foundation wall insulation and medium-sized cities. Automatic dry mortar production line is mainly used for the production of: masonry mortar, plastering mortar, insulation systems required mortar, mortar and other decorative dry mortar.

 Automatic dry mortar production line