Bucket elevator inspection and maintenance


When the bucket elevator can not operate normally, how to proceed to the inspection and maintenance, the following Zhengzhou MG industrial Co, Ltd as an important producer Bucket elevator, gives the following recommendations:
When the bucket elevator problems, you should first check the hoist equipment lubrication system oil situation and the brake system (hydraulic, disc brake and block brake) action case.
First, the bucket elevator to replace various parts of machine lubricants, cleaning parts of the lubrication system components (such as pumps, filters and pipes, etc.), adjust the brake shoe clearance, tighten the connector body.
  Insurance brake system adjustment bucket elevators and safety protection device, if necessary, to clean hydraulic components and piping.
  Check the normal operation of bucket elevator indicator of the depth of the screw nut Kuang move, as well as protection devices and instruments, such as the action.
  Check the test bucket elevators such as over volumes protection, overspeed protection, movement speed protection device case.
  Try again Matsunawa hand signal devices, test various signals (including starting, stopping, emergency signals, etc).
 Check the adjustment is depth indicator hoist equipment and transmission parts to make it flexible and accurate.

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