Automatic dry mortar production line production process


Automatic dry mortar production line main equipment production processes:

Finished sand by the bucket elevator upgrade were loaded into the storage silo. After the bulk powder tankers into their silos, additives and other additives bagged material from the lifting device upgrade, manually add each silo. Sand warehouse, warehouse powder additive materials storehouse, followed by screw conveyor weighing bucket dumping into their cumulative measure. When the measurement is completed various materials, start the screw conveyor, the unloading of various materials simultaneously bucket elevator, into the middle of the upgraded unloading hopper; mix in the middle when needed hopper discharge directly into the mixer for mixing, after certain time, mixing well finished material discharged from the discharge port of the mixer, the finished product is stored in the transition bucket by packing machine packaging, or via screw conveyors and bucket elevator into the finished goods warehouse to complete a cycle.

 Automatic dry mortar production line