Dry mortar mixer equipment use and maintenance


Dry mortar mixer equipment is mainly formed by the hoist, premixed warehouse, small silos, mixers, finished products warehouse, packaging machines, dust, cabinet, gas balancing system.

Dry mortar mixer equipment type more, according to the form of mixed, dry mortar production equipment with a single mixed-type dry mortar production equipment and dual-mixing two types of dry mortar production equipment.

Dry mortar mixer  is mainly dry for most of the aggregate material is quartz sand, and a great amount. According to the requirements of different products, generally require drying, screening and other pre-treatment to ensure its granularity, quality meets the requirements of the recipe. Some very small particle size products, such as sheet coated with mortar walls, wall sealant, etc., required by the sieved fine powder or lime powder as aggregates, lime to white as possible. Dry sand leveling mortar round can only be used as aggregate particles.

 Dry mortar mixer equipment