Dry mortar equipment Precautions about using process


Dry mortar equipment Dry mortar equipment is widely used in the construction industry, the only proper use this equipment,Meanwhile improve the efficiency and extending the life of the device. The following outlines the use of precautions dry mortar equipment.

1, Dry mortar equipment should be placed in a dry and without any corrosive environment.
2, It should be sure to use the finished barrel and mixing blade cleaned with water and dry, no long-term users can rust and oil on the surface of the blade within the same.
3, Always pay attention to the use of the fastener is loose, tighten timely.
4, When the feeding is prohibited in cement and sand sandwiched nails, wire and other hard objects to avoid damage to machinery.
5, After the dry mortar mixer gearboxes used for some time, to check the level of their oil level, and replenish the observation hole can see the oil, oil of 30 # machine oil.