Dry powder mortar production line performance


Dry powder mortar production lineDry powder mortar production line with high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection as the core, is based on the semi-dry mortar production line in accordance with putty powder, exterior insulation outside the mortar dry mix powder particles of polystyrene insulation material production features design and production.

Dry powder mortar production line has steady performance, all in compliance with ordinary Portland cement 32.5-42.5 mechanical and chemical standards, high strength, light weight, with its excellent water retention, Bleeding, permeability, heat resistance, mobility and stability resistance, micro-shrinkage, low heat of hydration, good wear resistance, sulfate resistance, corrosion resistance, no radiation, practical, inexpensive antifreeze products have excellent harmony broad applicability, dry mortar production line costs less than the price of ordinary Portland cement 45%, the same as in the cement weight, volume greater than 15% ordinary Portland cement, configuration and out of the product has a high compactness, compressive, flexural strength, the production of ready-mixed mortar All superior alternative to ordinary portland cement and cement performance, do not add any functional chemical auxiliary products, mortar intensity level can be adjusted and adhesion, sag resistance, made with a mortar mixing mortar cost than the cost of the construction site cost even cheaper.