Dry powder production line save precautions


Dry powder production line to produce the dry mortar, often used to make interior and exterior play bond, gaskets, protective and decorative role, but sometimes dry mortar mixer to produce a large amount of dry mortar store could ever need it, but how do save work?

First look at the different dry mortar according to canned or bagged save save save by species of cans, while according to the provisions for quality testing of materials, if the aggregate is sand and gravel storage yard drainage slope wash area should be set. And the best use of fly ash silo storage; coarse aggregate in a hierarchical storage, separated by a wall, and the use of cement mortar surface, without water.

If bagged dry mortar save, then bagged dry powder bag packaging quality mark shall not be less than 98 percent by mass. Bags of dry mortar packing bags must comply with the relevant requirements. Ordinary dry mortar bags must have the certificate, the name of the above, the intensity level, name, address, net weight and shelf life, detail must indicate the date of manufacture. Special dry mortar packaging if there are special dry mortar should have detailed product manual. Warehouse storage measures should be prepared to rain, not too long, and other items can be mixed together, so goods doping, damp.

Dry powder production line