Rotary sand dryer applications


Rotary sand dryer is also known as sand dryer, a large number of materials handling drying equipment, reliable operation, operating flexibility, adaptability, large capacity.

Rotary sand dryer main structure: tubular roller, feed hopper, screw feeder, support roll, drive and deceleration system, discharging systems, steam and drain system, sealing systems, lubrication systems.

Rotary sand dryer range applications: mainly used for drying materials industry or metallurgy industry, slag, clay, coal, metal mining leach residue and other election materials. In order to control the temperature of the dryer, the configuration on the thermocouple out equipment, temperature changes can be displayed by the thermometer out of the discharge end of the dryer, to better control the cylinder body temperature (typically 350-380 degrees) provides basis.

Rotary sand dryer