Rotary drum dryer structure


Rotary drum dryer can dry a variety of materials, simple and reliable drying equipment, aircraft mainly by:

The rotating body: a slightly inclined to the horizontal rotating cylinder, the wet material in the inner cylinder rotate together with the cylinder, the wet material to flow under the force of gravity and the lower end of the discharge is dried.
♦ The lifting plate: material with the rotation of the rotary cylindrical body is rotated in full contact with the hot process gas stream, is continuously Yang Sa lifting plate, the wet material in the cylindrical body forming a uniform curtain of hot air fully contact for heat exchange. So as to achieve the purpose of further drying.
♦ The rotation means: rotation drive means rotating drum dryer, and the wet material and full contact with the wall, and then subjected to heat exchange, to achieve adequate drying purposes.
♦ Feed box: Material from the feed tank into the rotary body.

 Rotary drum dryer