The main features of Mortar mix equipment


Mortar mix equipmentMortar mix equipment constitute internal use of paddles, strong flip speed can shorten the mixing time, parabolic critical speed can achieve uniform mixing of materials, the production of high-volume products such as dry mortar preferred pipeline.

Biaxial weightless mortar mixer paddle features:
◆ Mixing speed, mixing time per batch :0.5-2 .5 min;
◆ Mixing high coefficient of variation CV ≦ 5%;
◆ gravity, particle size, shape and other properties of the materials are quite different when mixed difficult to produce segregation;
◆ Liquid added range, add the amount of up to 20%;
◆ Packed full of large number of variable range 0.4-0.8;
◆ tonnage of low power consumption, lower than the ordinary horizontal ribbon mixer 60 percent;
◆ Wide scope of application, the user needs to adopt carbon steel, semi-steel, stainless steel, especially for high-precision materials mixed production needs.