Dry mortar making plant analysis about equipment failure


Dry mortar making plant has a long period of practical work, accumulated a lot of experience on the dry mortar equipment failure analysis.

Dry mortar equipment consists of multiple parts, is also one of the solenoid valves, the operation is often used, it can adjust the air flow in the solenoid valve, the flow amount of compressed air while changing the direction of air flow. Solenoid valve using a long time aging, aging of the solenoid valve after multiple failures occur, the most important is that the two will lead to the solenoid valve exhaust leak. Affect the efficiency of the mortar mixer.

Zhengzhou MG industrial Co., Ltd. Suggest that you first open the solenoid valve, the parts with a clean diesel soaked for half an hour and then wash with clean dry cloth should be spread a layer on the surface of each part oil. Check the inside of the piston rod and seals, replace immediately after the damage.

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