Automatic batching process of mortar production line


Mortar production line production is done automatically by the machinery and equipment, including the ratio of the material is also fully automatic batching mortar production line according to the command to complete the program on their own operations.

Mortar production line has precision batching system,which is very important. The key ingredients mortar production line automatic batching system is only accurate measurement of production out of the mortar to make products comply with the requirements of the building. Batching system can be controlled by a computer. Level gauge located on the upper and lower raw material warehouse, control start and stop feeding device. To ensure adequate supply of material can be continuously supplying device. Feeding device, dry mortar materials used more, the number of raw materials warehouse is also more distant feeding conveyor for sealed screw feeder as a feeding device, the flow characteristics of good material, usually with a large screw to specifications feeder as a quick feed; specifications smaller precision screw feeder as fine feed.

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