Continuous powder blender structure


Continuous powder blenderWhen continuous powder blender work, the role of the machine rotor material by two opposite directions, for a compound movement, driven by the blade material for areas along the inner wall of the slot machine is rotated counterclockwise, while the left and right driven material flip, in the shape of two overlapping rotors weightless zone in this area, regardless of the shape of the material, size, and how the density of the material can float in a moment of weightlessness, which makes the material in the machine slot forming a continuous loop turning round , staggered cut, so as to effect the rapid gentle mixing.

Continuous powder blender is to work alone by a vertical mixer, conveyor, storage tanks, electronic measurement automatic packaging machine (for valve pockets, 3-4 workers save significantly improve production efficiency) can be achieved feeding - stir - packaging stop production, is the traditional production process of replacement products.
Powder blender is suitable for a variety of dry powder, mixed granular material (such as: putty powder, plaster, dry mortar, cement color, a variety of mineral powder, chemical materials, organic fertilizers, etc.).