Ribbon mixer application


The new ribbon mixer is a new and efficient mixing equipment, which is widely used in chemical industry, building materials, dyes, pigments, paints, plastics, glass, additives, rubber, pharmaceutical, food, health products, animal feed, bio-engineering, ceramics, refractories, powder and powder fertilizer, rare earth and nuclear materials, battery materials and other projects, the mixed powder and liquid.

Ribbon mixer is in the role of the inner and outer helical ribbon agitator shaft will be turning the material within the cylinder range. The material in the intermediate ribbon into two sides, with the material of the outer spiral toward the center of the second side, and back and forth in the infiltration material mixed with a rotating spiral, the radial movement along the change, thereby forming a convection cycle, due to the movement stirring, the material in a very short time to get a uniform mix quickly, so it is a wide use, adaptable, good effect high efficiency mixing equipment.

 Ribbon mixer