What Wall putty manufacturing plant need to know?


Zhengzhou MG industrial Co., Ltd. as machinery and equipment suppliers, recommend how to detect Wall putty manufacturing plant to produce the quality of Wall putty.

Quality wall putty has the following characteristics:
♦ Whiteness were more than 92 degrees.
♦ Product without adding glue, stir watered using fineness, easy construction and simple operation.
♦ Water scrubbing, washing powder can not afford million times, the rear surface of polished white jade, bright as a mirror, as hard as tiles.
♦ Product health and environmental protection, ventilation is not required after the renovation, you can achieve "That renovation, which stay" high standards.
♦ Using a variety of imported polymer materials, combined with new multi-functional additives and high quality fillers can achieve flexible cracking effect.
♦ Unique active charcoal factor, can release negative ions, clean indoor air, reducing free radicals, anti-aging, improve sleep, deodorant, enhance human comfort and health degrees.
♦ Special Nano polishing materials, products, delicate, can be achieved after a simple polished smooth tile-like effect, and have superior hardness, nails across without leaving any traces.

Wall putty manufacturing plant