MG Pneumatic Automatic Valve Packing Machine with Bag Push Device

MG Pneumatic Automatic Valve Packing Machine with Bag Push Device

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MG pneumatic valve bag packing machine is designed for packing cement, mortar, putty powder, leather powder etc. It is used to pack 15-50kg valve bags, use the indicator to control, use the air compressor to blow the material into the bags, have two steps to fill the material, fast feed and slow feed, so the weighing accuracy is high.

  • Product name : Pneumatic valve Packing machine
  • Capacity : 7-9TPH
  • Accurancy: 99.8%
  • Working method: Air flow packing
  • Power: 3KW
  • Voltage and frequency: 380v, 415v 440v, 50hz, 60hz or customzied
  • Packing speed: 4-6s/bag
  • Packing range: 15-50kg/bag adjustable
  • Application: Sand, cement, and other powder or additives
  • Packing bag type: Valve Type
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    Main Specifications

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    MG Pneumatic Valve Packing Machine Working Site

    MG Pneumatic Valve Packing Machine Working Site

    Air flow packing machine (1)

    MG Pneumatic Valve Packing Machine Advantages

    Adopts the computerized metering device, weight accurately, perform stably and operate easily

    Machine small in volume, low in weight and convenient to adjusting and maintaining and electrical energy due to its mechatronics.

    Reasonable and durable structure, with completely sealed, with dedusting opening, to realize environmental production.

    Wide application: not only adopt in dry mortar industry but also in other powder or particle materials, such as cement, dry mortar, fly ash, lime, calcium carbonate, talcum powder, gypsum, bentonite, kaolin, carbon black, alumina, fire materials powder, granule materials and so on

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    MG Service

    1) Prompt response within 24 hours.
    2) Design and foundation  drawing are all  high accuracy for reference.
    3) Photos and videos of the production processes are all real working site from MG.
    4) The color and Logo Painting can be customized ad requirements.
    Designs the plan according to the customers' requirement and offer you the high quality & reasonable price.

    1) Dispatch experienced engineers to installation&commission, and training

    2) egularly learning the equipment running situation

    3) 12 months super long time guarantee period.

    4) Regularly learning the equipment running situation

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  • Weighing Range

    15 -50 k/ bags adjustable

    Packing Speed




    Filling working principle

    Impeller/Screw Type

    Power Supply


    Control system

    PLC touchable screen control

    Bag Materials

    Valve PP/Paper/Plastic

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