4-5T/H Improved Simple Twin Shafts Agravic Mixer Plant

4-5T/H Improved Simple Twin Shafts Agravic Mixer Plant

short description:

The Improved Simple Dry Mortar Plant is designed basic on the simple dry mortar plant. The main mixer is updated into the high efficient Twin Shafts Paddle Blades Mixer, and add a buffer bin to relieve the discharge pressure, which is a very practical and reasonable plan that effectively improve the daily output, total capacity: 30-35T/H, manpower required: 2-3 people.

The equipment is reasonable in layout, compact in design, easy to operate, and less worker. 

  • Product name: Simple Twin Shafts Agravic Mixing Plant
  • Capacity : 4-5T/H
  • Power comsumption: 34KW
  • Voltage and frequency: 220/380/415/440V
  • Dimensions : 6000*3000*4000mm
  • Installation and provided: Detail video and manual provided
  • Packing machine: Valve type, 15-50kg/bag
  • Shipping Transportation: Provided
  • Delivery time: 10-15 working days
  • Warranty: 12 months
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    MG Twin Shafts Agravic Mixer Plant Installation and Debugging in Factory

    Flow Chart Drawing of MG Improved Simple Dry Mortar Plant

    mg 4-5tph

    Working principle of MG Improved Simple Dry Mortar Plant

    The improved simple dry mortar plant, MGDM-3.1, Capacity 4-5T/H, equip with high efficient twin shafts agravic mixer.

    Firstly, raw material manually feeding from the first screw conveyor hopper one by one, the blade of screw conveyor will carry different materials into mixer automatically;

    After 3-5min mixing, end product will be discharge into buffer bin, the discharge process keeps within 5 second, so that mixer can be empty in a very short time and go on next batch mixing;

    Then the second screw conveyor will carry end product to the storage silo to get enough time for product automatic filling and packing;

    MG packing machine rang 15-50kg/bag adjustable, packing speed 4-6s per 20-25bag.

    A small high efficiency complete line and good option for small and medium investor.

    Machine parts


    Feeding screw coveyor with hopper


    Twin Shafts agravic Mixer

    2 (2)

    Buffer Hopper


    End Product Storage Silo


    Automatic Valve Packing Machine

    Simple double axis production line (6)

    Control Cabinet

    Equipment Advantages

    1,The use of a biaxial non-gravity mixer( Twin shaft mixer) has high mixing uniformity, and materials with large differences in physical properties such as specific gravity, particle size and shape do not easily segregate when mixed in the mixer.

    2,High mixing speed,3-5 min per batch,with high uniformity.

    3,The shaft additional equip with fly cut with high speed rotation,it can crush the fibre material in short time an efficiently.

    4,There is small electricity consumption per ton,it can reduce 60% energy compared with ordinary multi-spiral conveyor.

    5,Widely application,It’s especially capable for mixing high-precision Proportion material.

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  • Machine part Parameter Power(KW)
    Feeding screw conveyor  Dia:Φ165*3500mm CE Motor: 3KW
    Twin shafts agravic mixer Capacity:1T/batch( 2m3 Mixer)   Mixing time: 3-5min/batchMixer CE Motor:18.5 KW   Fly cutter motor: 4KW
    Buffer bin Volume: standard 1m3 /
    Second screw conveyor Dia:Φ165X3500mm CE Motor: 3KW
    End product hopper Volume: 2m³(Full set)
    Valve packing machine Model:Valve type(1150*910*1060mm)Precision: 50kg+_0.2Packing range: 15-50kg/bagPacking speed: 4-6s/bag CE Motor: 4KW
    Air compressor Capacity: 0.6m3/min CE Motor: 4KW
    Control panel Electronic part: CHINT brand  English label /
    Impulse dust collector MG12 (for optional) Filter Bag:12 pieces    Air valve: Ф200×3       Outline dia: 960*940*2200mm  CE Motor: 2.2kw
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