6-8T/H Semi-automatic dry mortar production line

6-8T/H Semi-automatic dry mortar production line

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MGDM-3.2 dry mortar mixing production line also called energy-saving dry mortar mixing line, dry mortar mixing machine, dry mortar mixing equipment. It is one kind of Semi-automatic dry mortar plant, the raw material will be feeded into the bucket elevator by manual, the mixing, the packing is automatically. This Semi-automatic dry mortar plant can equip one or two sets packing machines as customer capacity requirement. The capacity can be 6-8T/H.  It is the ideal selection for set up a dry mortar factory with reasonable price and quick refound.

  • Product Name: Semi-automatic dry mortar production line
  • Application: Cement sand mixinig and packing
  • Raw material for dry mortar production: Cement, Sand and additives
  • Total power: 40-60KW
  • Workers required: 2-3 workers
  • Workshop Required: 500-800 m2
  • Machine occupy area when installation : 30m2
  • Advantage: Quality guarantee, Factory direct
  • Installation Service: Engineer available go abroad for guiding installation
  • Warranty: 12 months
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    Working Site Video of MG 6-8T/H Semi-automatic Dry Mortar Plant

    Product Description

    MG Energy-saving Dry Mortar Production Line puts a variety of raw materials into the feed hopper in turn according to the proportion. The equipment realizes automatic feeding, automatic dust removal, automatic mixing and automatic quantitative filling under the action of the control system.

    The production line covers an area of about 20m2, equipment height: 6m; manpower required: about 3-4 person, production capacity: 5-6 tons/hour. This production line is the ideal selection for medium enterprises who want set up a dry mortar factory at a reasonable price with a quick profits feedback.

    The complete production line contains:

    Material lifting system

    Product packing system

    Steel platform

    Material mixing system

    Dust collecting system

    Machine control system

    Flow Chart and Working Site of MG 6-8T/H Semi-automatic Dry Mortar Plant

    MG semi-automatic plant - 副本

    Detailed configuration of MG Semi-automatic dry mortar production line


    Bucket elevator&Dust collector


    Twin shaft paddle mixer

    detail (3)

    Finish product hopper

    detail (2)

    Packing machine

    Semi-automatic product (5)

    Control cabinet

    Semi-automatic product (1)

    Steel platform

    Application of MG Semi-automatic dry mortar production line

    Bonding mortar: Masonry mortar, wall and floor tile adhesive mortar, tile glue mortar

    Decoration mortar: Decorative plaster, inner and outer wall putty, colorful decoration mortar.etc.

    Protection mortar: Water-proof mortar, anti-corrosion mortar, self-leveling mortar, wear resistance mortar, thermal insulation mortar, sound insulation mortar, repair mortar, mild water proof mortar, shielding mortar, etc.

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    Foreign customers visit MG factory for the Semi-automatic dry mortar production line



    1, How about the investment of this project?
    A: Our engineer can design the dry mortar plant as your requirement and your budget, different dry mortar plant investment are difference.
    Low capacity low cost, we will provide you cost effective solutions as your requirement.

    2, What's the difference between full automatic dry mortar plant and Semi-automatic dry mortar plant?
    A: (1)  Semi-automatic dry mortar plant is cheaper than full automatic dry mortar plant.
        (2)  Semi-automatic dry mortar plant do not need to equip silos while full automatic dry mortar equip material silos.
        (3)  Semi-automatic dry mortar is manual feeding and automatic weighing and packaging, Full automatic dry mortar plant is automatic feeding and automatic weighing and packaging.

    3,  How many person required to operate this dry mortar plant?
    A: Usually 2-4 workers are enogh to operate this dry mortar plant.

    4,  What equipment and services you can provide?
    A: We can provide you turnkey solution of dry mortar plant from working site planning to dry mortar machines,   transportation, installation and training, formula of dry mortars, after-sales services, life time technical support etc.

    5, What is the area required for this dry mortar plant?
    A: According to the capacity of the dry mortar plant, the area required 300-100 m2.

    6, What is the total power consumption (KW) of this dry mortar plant?
    A: It is 20-80W based on the capacity of the dry mortar plant.

    7, What is the capacity of your dry mortar plant?
    A: We have dry mortar plant with capacity 3-30T/H as your requirement, and also we can customize the dry  mortar plant as your capacity requirement.

    8,  How long is the guarantee period?
    A: 12 months, within this period, we provide you spare parts and services for free.

    9,  Can you install the dry mortar plant in my country?
    A:  Yes, we will send engineers to your country for guiding installation and training your workers to operate the machine.

    10,  If you want to know more of our dry mortar plant, please send us inquiry or contact us directly.

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