MG Dry Mortar Plant with Bulking and Jumbo Bag Packing System in Shandong, China

MG Dry Mortar Plant with Bulking and Jumbo Bag Packing System in Shandong, China

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MG Dry Mortar Plant with Bulking and Jumbo Bag Packing System is improved on full automatic dry mortar plant. Based on different model twin shafts agravic mixer or Plough share Mixer, the Mixing capacity can reach 10-40t/h, MG engineer design another transfer hopper and two or three ways connection joint under the mixer, so that material can be transferred into two or three ways to small bag, jumbo bag packing system and bulking system.

  • Product Name: Dry Mortar Mixing Plant
  • Control system : PLC Computer or touchable setting
  • Advantage: Professional manufacturer 20 years
  • Voltage : 220V/380V/410V/440V or customized
  • Features: PLC control and Intelligent
  • Bulking system: Original manufacturer
  • Certification: CE, ISO, COC, BV, ect.
  • Packing system: Valve bag and jumbo bag packing
  • Installation and training : Provide
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    Other Working Site Details About MG Shandong Dry Mortar Project


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    MG Bulking discharge system working site

    MG Pneumatic Valve Packing Machine Working Site

    MG Different Packing Standard for Option

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    Small bag packing range:15-50kg/bag adjustable, speed:4-6s/bag, theoretical capacity: 12-15t/h, actual capacity:5-8t/20-25kg bag(with man operation time).

    Jumbo bag packing range:05-2t/bag adjustable, speed: 1.5-2min/bag, theoretical capacity: 50-60t/bag, actual capacity: 40-50t(with man operation time).

    Bulking discharge range: 1-120t/time, dischage capacity: 10-15min/truck.

    MG Other Dry Mortar Mixing Plant Working Site


    MG Other Dry Mortar Mixing Plant Working Site


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  • No. Product Name Model Function and usage
    1 Bucket elevator Chain type lifting capacity: 15-100T/HBelt type lifting capacity: 10-35T/H    An high efficient vertical lifting device to carry Granular material from ground to silos top or premix hopper, powder material usually feeding by pump truck.
    2 Detachable Storage System Volume: 60T, 100T 150T, etc. To store dry raw material powder such as cement, sand, fly ash, caco3, slag etc.
    3 Screw Conveyor Size: Φ165/Φ219/Φ273*6000m An horizontal conveying device to carry the materials to the weighting hopper.
    4 Weighting System Volume: 2m3/3m3/4m3/6m3 Automatic weighting different materials device
    5 Twin Shaft Agravic Mixer Mixing time:3-5min/batchMixing capacity: 2m3/3m3/4m3/6m3/8m3/10m3 To mix materials uniformly and high efficiency, MG  fly cutter system in the top of mixer will cut and break up the fibre easily.
    6 Finished product silo Volume: 2m3/3m3/4m3/6m3 To store the end product and preparing for packing. So that the weighting system, mixing system and packing system can work constantly.
    7 Automatic weighing packaging machine Impeller valve or Pneumatic valve typePacking range: 15-50kg/bag, packing accuracy can be + / – 0.5kg To pack the end product and automatically sewing, it can realize automatically weighing and packaging.
    8 PLC Control cabinet PLC touchable screen or computer operation. To operate and control all machine parts. The touchable display can input and record more than 10 different kinds of formula.
    9 Air compressor Common type or screw compressor type Provide air source for silos, dust collectors, premix hopper, twin shift agravic mixer, end product hopper, packing machines, etc.
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