Dry Mortar Mixing Plant Impulse dust collector

Dry Mortar Mixing Plant Impulse dust collector

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MG Pulse Bag dust collector has the characteristics of high dust removal efficiency, large air volume, stable performance, convenient operation and maintenance, good use effect, not easy to accumulate powder and wide application range. It is widely applicable to ventilation, dust removal and dust recovery in grain and food, feed, metallurgy and chemical industry, building materials, medicine and other industries.

  • Product name: Impulse dust collector
  • Model: MG5,MG12,MG24,MG36,MG48,MG60
  • Air volume: 6100-10000m3/h
  • Power: 1.1-5.5kw
  • Dimension(L*W*H): Depends on
  • Filter material: twill filter media and forged filter media
  • Application: Factory or equipment dust collecting
  • Material: Carbon Steel
  • Color: Customized
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Description

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    MG Bag Dust Collector Working Performance

    Main Specification


    Model MG5 MG12 MG24 MG36 MG48 MG60
    Filter Bag quantity (pcs) 5 12 24 36 48 60
    Filter bag Dia(mm) Ф130×1100mm Ф130×1100mm Ф130×1100mm Ф130×1100mm Ф133×2000mm Ф133×2000mm
    Motor(KW) 1.5-2 2.2-2 3-2 4-2 5.5-2 7.5-2
    Air motor 4-72-2.8A 4-72-3.2A 4-72-3.6A 4-72-4A 4-72-4A 4-72-5A
    Air pressure(pa) 606-994pa 792-1300pa 989-1578pa 1220-17588pa 1320~2014pa 1673~2554pa
    Air speed


    Filtration area(m2) 2.3m2 5.5m2 11m2 30m2 40m2 50m2
    Pulse valve quantity (pcs) 1 3 4 8 8 10

    >= 1200 Pa



    Product Description

    The dust gas enters into the filter chamber by the ash bucket (or the lower open flange), and the rough particles directly drops in the ash bucket or ash bin. Filtered through the Filter-bag, the dust is kept in the bag table while the net gas is passed through the bag to the air cleaning chamber, in which the air is discharged into the atmosphere by the fan.

    When the dust on the surface of the filter is increasing, leading to the equipment resistance rises to the set value, the time relay (or the micro differential pressure controller) will release the signal. Meanwhile, the program control instrument began to work, and the pulse valve is opened one by one, so that the compressed air is injected through the nozzle to clean the Filter-bag. During this process, the Filter-bag is abruptly inflated, the dust in the bag surface quickly detaches from the Filter-bag and falls into the dust (or ash bin) under the action of the reverse airflow, then the dust is discharged by the flap valve. In addition, The line by line process of injection is only for the filter-bags cleaning, and other Filter-bags are still filtered normally.

    The system is widely used in metallurgy, building materials, machinery, chemical industry, mining and other industrial enterprises of non-fiber industrial dust removal and material recovery.

    The Advantages of MG Bag Impulse Dust Collector

    Good cleaning performance

    Easy operation and maintenance

    High purification efficiency

    longer service life of Filter-bag

    High handling capacity

    Reliable in machine running

    MG Dust Collector Working Site





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