MG Three Cylinder Rotary Sand Dryer

MG Three Cylinder Rotary Sand Dryer

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MG The three-cylinder dryer is the introduction of European technology, which consists of the three different diameters concentric cylinders, and it Contacts each other together. In the cylinder with different Angle and distance stripper plate and the guide plate, this structure ensure is drying materials by gravity along the spiral movement direction, and it keep enough retention time and sufficient dispersion in the cylinder dryer.


  • Product name: Three cylinder rotary sand dryer
  • Fuel : Coal, Natural gas or Diesel as customer requirement
  • Capacity : 3-20T/H Different models
  • Sand dryer installation Area requirment: Sand dryer installation takes about 100 square meters
  • Workshop area: 500-800 square meters
  • Dimensions : 25mX4mX5m
  • Vibrating screen : Equip on layer, two layers, three layers screen mesh as requirement
  • Feeding of wet sand: By truck loader
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    MG 10-12T/H Three cylinder rotary sand dryer commissioning site in Kazakhstan


    Product Description

    Special three tube structure, it formed a oneself insulation system through the inside cylinder and the middle cylinder was surrounded by the outside cylinder, the surface of the inside and middle cylinder dryer release invoved in the outside layer in the cylinder materials heat exchanger, thus the outer tube lie in the heat flow low-temperature terminal. So the cooling area and heat loss of the cylinder is decreased obvious

    The sand dryer can use different of fuel as customer requirement, fuel can select Coal, Gas or Diesel. We will equip the matched burner or stove as requirement.



    MG newly designed three cylinder rotary sand dryer is mainly composed of Wet sand feeding system, belt conveyor, gas/diesel burner, sand drying system, dust collecting system, Vibrating screen.

    Wet sand hopper

    Gas burner/Diesel burner

    Vibrating screen

    Belt conveyor

    Cyclone dust collector

    Control cabinet

    Working site of MG Sand dryer

                                                                                  Three Cylinder Rotary Sand Dryer


    Flow chart drawing of MG Sand dryer

    detail (1)

    Technical Parameter

    Main technical parameters of the sand dryer

    Product Name Three cylinder rotary sand dryer
    Model MGDM-3.5
    Capacity(T/H) 50-20T/H
    Fuel Coal/Gas/Diesel
    Vibrating screen mesh layer 2-4 layer adjustable
    Total Power (KW) 25-45KW
    Screen mesh size 40 mesh, 70 mesh or customized
    Occupied Area (m²) 200-300m2
    Worker Required 2-3 people

    This machine can be used to dry the following product:


    River Sand

    Fly ash

    Lime stone


    Crushing sand

    Sand dryer equip full automatic dry mortar plant installed in Kazakhstan

    Sand dryer plant (10)


    Customer visit Zhengzhou MG factroy for the Sand dryer and the dry mortar plant

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