Application of wood fiber in dry powder mortar

1. Building waterproofing:

◆ fiber mortar can effectively make up for the technical performance defects of innovative application and development of modern engineering technologies such as structural self waterproofing and roof engineering.

2. Joint sealant:

◆ excellent water retention, which can prolong the cooling time and improve the work efficiency. High lubricity makes application easier and smoother.

◆ improve shrinkage resistance and cracking resistance, and improve surface quality.

◆ provide smooth and even texture, and make the bonding surface strong.

3. Self leveling floor material:

◆ improve viscosity and can be used as anti precipitation additive.

◆ enhance fluidity and pumpability, so as to improve the efficiency of paving.

◆ control water retention to greatly reduce cracking and shrinkage.

4. Masonry mortar:

◆ enhance the adhesion with the surface of masonry. It can enhance the water retention and improve the strength of mortar.

◆ improve lubricity and plasticity, so as to improve construction performance, easier application, save time and improve cost-effectiveness.

5. Cement based plastering:

◆ improve the uniformity, make the plastering mortar easier to apply, and improve the anti falling ability at the same time. Enhance fluidity and pumpability, so as to improve work efficiency.

◆ high water retention, prolong the working time of mortar, improve the working efficiency, and help the mortar form high mechanical strength during solidification.

◆ control the infiltration of air, so as to eliminate the micro cracks of the coating and form an ideal smooth surface.

6. Wall mortar surface course:

◆ fiber plastering mortar applied to wall surface can effectively prevent wall cracking and achieve the effect of crack resistance and seepage prevention.

◆ fiber mortar surface course has good construction and finishing operation characteristics. It has no effect on the appearance of mortar surface.

◆ fiber can make up for the technical defects of new lightweight wall materials to the greatest extent. All kinds of light energy-saving wall materials have defects of surface cracking and insufficient impermeability to varying degrees, which affect their popularization and application. While using these wall materials, the companion fiber mortar is used as the plastering surface, which can fully make up for their performance defects and improve the project quality.

7. Gypsum based plaster and gypsum products:

◆ improve the uniformity, make the plastering mortar easier to apply, and improve the vertical flow resistance. Enhance fluidity and pumpability, so as to improve work efficiency.

◆ high water retention, prolonging the working time of mortar and forming high mechanical strength during solidification.

8. Thermal insulation mortar base:

◆ fiber mortar makes the mortar base layer greasy, and the batch swing layer is firm, neat, beautiful and flat, which is suitable for all kinds of architectural coatings. The increasingly wide engineering application of various exterior wall coatings puts forward higher requirements for building mortar. Because fiber mortar has good crack resistance, impact resistance and frost resistance, it can greatly improve its engineering characteristics, meet the requirements of construction technology and fundamentally ensure the construction quality.

◆ improve plastering construction efficiency and reduce loss. Fiber mortar is superior to pure cement mortar in its cohesiveness and stability. During plastering construction, the plastering is easy and slow, and the mortar drop is greatly reduced, which can improve the plastering efficiency and reduce the loss of materials.

◆ it is helpful to ensure the construction quality of facing brick surface course. The use of fiber mortar as base course plays an extremely important role in ensuring the bonding strength of facing bricks and preventing the occurrence of brick crack and hollowing due to the reduction or basically disappearance of its cracking phenomenon.

9. Tile adhesive:

◆ dry mixture is easy to mix without agglomeration, which can improve constructability and reduce cost.

◆ by prolonging the cooling time, the tiling efficiency is improved. Provide excellent adhesion.

10. Shotcrete:

◆ it can form a thicker shotcrete layer.

◆ it has higher viscosity.

◆ the initial jet velocity of the sprayed concrete is only 70% – 80% of that of other materials, which reduces the impact on the sprayed concrete, improves the strength of the concrete and reduces the rebound loss of the concrete.

Post time: Oct-29-2021
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