First class environmental protection mortar production line!

Gypsum mortar is a kind of interior wall and roof plastering material with green environmental protection, high efficiency, energy saving and convenient construction. It has the advantages of light weight, high strength, fire prevention, sound absorption, no shrinkage, no cracking, thermal insulation, respiratory function (indoor air humidity can be adjusted), non-toxic, tasteless, non radioactive, simple construction, less floor ash, fast operation and improved efficiency, It is an alternative to traditional cement mortar. Cement mortar plastering has been used in interior wall construction for a long time, which has defects such as easy cracking, hollowing, slow hardening and long decoration time. In particular, the cracking and falling off phenomenon on aerated concrete wallboard is very serious. Cement mortar as plastering material has been basically eliminated in foreign developed countries. The traditional gypsum has the advantages of water resistance, high cost and short operation time. The plastering gypsum produced by the unified technology has high strength, good water resistance, strong adhesion, long operation time and low cost.

Wuxi Jiangjia’s production technology, process and production line equipment have high production efficiency, small floor area, high degree of automation, complete production line equipment specifications, and an annual production capacity of 50000-200000 tons according to user needs. The equipment is composed of feeding, storage, metering and transportation, additive supply, mixed packaging, dust collection and control. It is controlled by PLC and operated by touch screen, with a high degree of automation.

Energy conservation and environmental protection, intelligent interconnection, high and low energy, low investment. In the actual production and operation of dry powder mortar production industry, the proportion of equipment investment in the total investment is not large, but if the equipment is not good, it will directly affect the normal production and product quality. With many years of rich experience and hundreds of practical cases, Tongding machinery has a variety of mortar production lines according to the situation of customers. Relying on mature materials and processing technology, the failure rate is low, the manufacturing process details are handled in place, and the overall design is smooth.

Post time: Oct-29-2021
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