Peri and Strabag create Austria's first 3D printed building

The 125-square-meter building was printed in 45 hours at Strabag’s asphalt mixing plant in Hausleiten, northern Austria, using dry mortar supplied by Lafarge using a Bod2 printer made by Danish company Cobod.
Berthold Kren, CEO of Lafarge Austria, said: “Printed architecture will help to establish a new, digital and environmentally advanced language for concrete.
“The application of smart materials is compelling and offers a high degree of architectural freedom in design. It allows us to build more with less.”
Strabag board member Klemens Haselsteinerm added: “Concrete printing provides an important innovation driver for the construction industry and is an exciting addition to the range of existing construction methods.
“Through this practical test, we hope to further develop the 3D concrete printing technology together with our partners Peri and Lafarge. The joint planning and design of Hausleiten has already yielded some important insights into the future.”

Post time: Jun-22-2022
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