Reasons for poor polishing and color difference of putty powder

In the production process of putty powder, sometimes the putty powder is difficult to polish and color difference, which affects the final quality of the product and the use effect. The following is your putty powder production line manufacturer to analyze the reasons for the poor polishing and color difference of putty powder.

1、 Grinding difficult


1. It is difficult to polish the walls that are pressed too tightly or polished during construction. Because the walls that are pressed too tightly or polished during construction will increase the relative density of the putty powder layer of the inner wall, and the strength of the surface layer with firm walls will also increase.

2. Those that have not been polished for a long time after the final batch of scraping or see water, such as: (wet weather, rainy season, wall water seepage, etc.) it is difficult to polish the wall. Some water-resistant putty powders are classified as slow drying commodities. The advantages of commodities are that the heat treatment process can reach the peak after one month, and the actual curing effect will be accelerated in case of water, The above two conditions are that it is difficult to polish the cement wall after painting, and the polished wall is not smooth.

3. The secret recipe types of interior wall putty powder are different, but they are mixed together, or the proportion of the secret recipe is negligently prepared, which makes the strength of the goods roughened higher (such as the mixed use of interior wall putty powder, etc.).


If the wall tiles are pressed too hard or polished too hard, they need to be polished. First, they need to be polished with 150 # sandpaper, then 400 # sandpaper to polish or scrape rough for one or two times before polishing.

2、 Color difference


1. The interior wall putty powder belongs to semi-finished product processing, and the instability of raw materials is one of the primary factors causing color deviation, because the quality of slag powder mined from the mine will be different due to different regions. If you do not pay attention to preparation, color deviation will occur due to different batch numbers.

2. Because the dealers use the method of “mixing fish’s eyes with pearls” to mix and arrange the delivery of low-level raw materials, due to the large total number of purchases, it is impossible to sample and inspect one by one in time, resulting in some “scattered soldiers and wandering braves” mixed in the production and manufacturing, resulting in individual color deviation.

3. Color deviation caused by mixing raw materials of different levels together due to the negligence of production and manufacturing staff, or color deviation caused by scraping commodities of different well-known brands on the same wall.


1. Color deviation is generally not a secret problem, so the product quality problem is not found. If you want to paint the wall, you can generally cover the past with the paint layer, which is not easy to affect the actual effect of the overall decoration. For example, if the color deviation occurs on the wall that cannot be painted for two to three times, it is suggested to scrape another layer of interior wall putty powder without color difference or paint.

2. All staff engaged in production, manufacturing and engineering construction shall strictly carry out production, manufacturing and engineering construction in accordance with relevant specifications to prevent product quality problems caused by human factors.

Post time: Jan-13-2022
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