What investment is needed to build a putty powder factory

The raw materials of putty powder are mainly shuangfei powder and gypsum powder. When you walk on the street and check the news, there are advertisements for putty powder everywhere. If you want to buy a house or decorate, you cannot do without putty powder, so building a putty powder factory requires Which investments? Let me introduce to you below.

What investment is needed to build a putty powder factory

1. Investment in the equipment itself:

The equipment composition of the production line itself directly affects the overall price, output, finished product fineness, configuration standards, etc. all affect the selection of equipment, resulting in differences in overall price investment.

2. Transportation and installation investment:



The transportation of putty powder production equipment is generally borne by the user. The long-distance transportation cost is higher, which will be accumulated in the production line price investment, and the fixed costs of piling, steel frame, etc. on the installation site should also be included in the investment.

3. Site infrastructure investment:

Site selection and site layout are also part of the investment. The site should be arranged as reasonably as possible. The feeding bin should be close to the incoming direction of the material yard. The finished product should be transported and bagged easily. The water and electricity supply equipment should be deployed close to the main user. In accordance with the “nearest principle”.

4. Later investment in water, electricity, labor, etc.:

Whether the production line is foundation in the early stage, installation in the middle stage, or in the later stage, it will cost a lot of water, electricity, labor and other costs, and it should also be reasonably calculated in the overall investment cost of the production lin

What investment is needed to build a putty powder factory

The fully automatic hybrid production line absorbs advanced European design concepts, adopts a tower layout as a whole, and the management system is implanted with new modular management technology, which greatly improves the man-machine dialogue function and the degree of automation. Depending on the configuration, the output of this production line can reach 30,000-100,000 tons per year.

The production line is mainly composed of raw material storage system, batching weighing system, conveying system, mixing system, gas phase balance system, packaging system and dust removal system. The main control system issues production instructions according to the selected process formula, and the system automatically extracts the raw materials from the storage bin according to the proportion. ). After meeting the mixing accuracy requirements, the finished mortar is transported to the finished product warehouse with secondary mixing function and enters the automatic packaging system, which greatly improves the output efficiency.

Post time: May-07-2022
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