What is the specific function of lightweight plastering plaster, and how is it constructed?


There are many types of gypsum, mainly used for building walls and floors. At present, light plastering plaster is widely used for the construction of wall leveling. What is the role of lightweight plastering plaster and how to construct it? Follow me to see it.

The role of light plastering plaster

During the construction of light plastering plaster, sprinkle water or interface agent on the wall surface, and then do the reinforcement construction. The thickness of the reinforcement reinforcement is generally 1 cm. It is appropriate to control it at 5-6 mm. After the gypsum plastered on the wall is formed, the remaining light plastering plaster is scraped and smoothed as a whole to meet the construction requirements of flatness.

Construction method of lightweight plastering plaster

According to the normal construction steps, the construction can effectively avoid the phenomenon of hollowing and cracking of the wall.

1. Clean the dust, dirt, oil stains, release agent and other substances on the base surface. 2. Wet the base surface, wet the base surface with water, and then treat the roughness of the base surface with an interface agent.

3. Different material base surfaces need to be laid with glass fiber mesh, and the width needs to be between 150~300mm of the overlap width of each base.

4. Light plastering gypsum needs to be used within half an hour after stirring, and the gypsum after drying cannot be mixed with water.

5. The thickness of smear is (5-25)mm can be used once, and (25-35)mm can be divided into two times.

6. The indoor construction temperature in winter is above 5 degrees, and in summer, it is high temperature and windy, so doors and windows should be closed.

7. Reinforcing bar requirements: when the height of the wall is ≤3.5m, make strong bars, and the distance between the two bars is ≤1.5mm; when the height of the wall is >3.5m, it is advisable to make horizontal bars, the distance between the two bars is ≤2m, and the width of the bars is 30mm-50mm.

8. The gypsum slurry shall not be exposed to moisture and rain.

What is the specific function of lightweight plastering plaster, and how is it constructed?


Compared with cement, its durability will be better, and its environmental protection is good, green and non-toxic to use; it has strong cohesion, small shrinkage, not easy to fall off, not easy to hollow, not easy to crack; its construction It is convenient, less ash on the ground, and quick to operate; its strength increases quickly, it is easy to dry, it can speed up the construction progress, and it is suitable for projects with a large amount of plastering and a tight construction period; it also has good thermal insulation, which helps to adjust the indoor temperature.


Lightweight plastering plaster has the characteristics of light weight, fire resistance, moisture resistance, easy processing and simple installation. Lightweight plastering plaster is mainly used for plastering and thermal insulation of walls and floors (aerated bricks, brick walls, concrete walls, roofs) in dry areas. The thickness of the wall construction is 6-20mm, and the total thickness of the top plaster is less than 10mm.

In order to prevent excessive drying, gypsum powder should not be mixed with other substances. In summer construction or drywall construction, water should be wetted before construction. The suitable construction temperature is 5-40 degrees Celsius, avoid rainy days, high temperature and frosty weather construction.

After the lightweight plastering gypsum is set, its strength increases with the decrease of water content, and it can be coordinated with the characteristics of slow water absorption of air-entrained concrete to produce good overall strength. Lightweight plastering gypsum has good moisture-removing properties. After drying, it has a good moisture-removing effect on the drying of aerated concrete, avoiding various disadvantages caused by uneven water content in the aerated concrete.

Post time: Jun-02-2022
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