Top Quality Wall Putty Ceramic Tile Adhesive Mixing Machine 10-30 T/H Dry Mortar Manufacturing Plant For Sale

Top Quality Wall Putty Ceramic Tile Adhesive Mixing Machine 10-30 T/H Dry Mortar Manufacturing Plant For Sale

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MG Automatic Dry Mortar Production Line

MG Automatic Dry Mortar Production Line adopts latest Germany advanced design concept and latest automatic control management system,Tower layout has been applied in the overall design and man-friendly operation with automation level has been largely improved. The capacity of this automatic dry mortar production line can be 10-30 T/H according to different configuration.

Our Projects of Automatic Dry Mortar Production Line
The advantages of our Automatic dry mortar mixing equipment.
1, A high degree of intelligence. It is controlled by the control system and realizes automatic automation of automatic batching,automatic weighing, automatic feeding, automatic mixing and automatic packaging.
2, The use of tower layout structure, shorten the transmission distance and increase production efficiency.
3. The use of a biaxial mixer( Twin shaft mixer) has high mixing uniformity, and materials with large differences in physical properties such as specific gravity, particle size and shape do not easily segregate when mixed in the mixer.
Applications of dry mortar production line

1,Wall Putty powder
2,Masonry mortar,
3,Thin and Smooth wall mortar,
4,Water proof mortar,
5,Plaster powder,

6,Wall plastering mortar,
7,Ceramic tile adhesive mortar,
Raw materials are: Cement, Sand, Flyash, Gelatine powder, Cellulose and Additives etc.
Applications of dry mortar production line
Bonding mortar: Masonry mortar, wall and floor tile adhesive mortar, anchorage mortar etc.
Decoration mortar: Decorative plaster, inner and outer wall putty, colorful decoration mortar etc.
Protection mortar: Water-proof mortar, anti-corrosion mortar, self-leveling mortar, wear resistance mortar, thermal insulation mortar, sound insulation mortar, repair mortar, mildew-proof mortar, shielding mortar etc.
Product Configuration
Machine height
Total power
Worker required
Workshop required
2000L Mixer
2-3 person
3000L Mixer
3-4 person
4000L Mixer
3-4 person
1.Raw Material Detachable Storage Silo
Customized volume 52T, 60T,100T, 120T, Long service life, wear resistance, and automatic control
The silo is used to store raw material for all kinds of dry mortar, such as sand, cement, fly ash, slag, calcium carbonate powder and so on. MG standard silos will equip level regulars, air breaking device, e-dust collector, pressure safety valve and complete sets of assemble accessories. When material starts to feed,the air breaking device can help air exhausting from silo inside, e-dust collector will clear the dust on the top; Level regulars can detect the maximum and minimum of material in silo, in order to remind people feed material in time; Safety valve is to prevent material discharge easily. Material can discharge quickly when the screw conveyor works.
2.Bucket Elevator
High efficient, Good sealing, Easily assemble, Environment protection, Easily maintenance.
This is a vertical lifting device. Lifting height can reach 10-35m, with high efficient lifting speed and large conveying capacity, bucket elevator is widely used to lift all kinds of powder or granular material. There are belt type bucket elevator and chain type bucket elevator two kinds for customer to choose. Belt type bucket elevator is higher cost-effective,Chain bucket elevator can lift more kinds of material and its capacity is higher, lifting height is higher.
3.Automatic weighing system of main material
High efficient self-measurement, Highly sensitive, High accurate digital display
This is an automatic batching system that greatly saves manpower and material resources. Machine around equips three S-type sensors, which can get exact value when machine running. Input the weight of each raw materials accordingly to the formula,high precision, reduce weighing error,save labor cost, improve the output.
4.Automatic weighing system of additives

High accuracy,high sensitive,fully automatic

The cost of additives is much more higher than the main raw material,and the rate of additives is very low,then there will be a lot of waste if we add the additives by manpower,the automatic weighing system will solve the problem perfectly,it is controlled by the main electric control system,on one hand,it avoid the waste of additives,on the other hand,it saves the manpower,all in all,it saves a lot of cost and improves the quality of the product.
5.Twin shaft paddle mixer
High Efficiency, High uniformity, High mixer speed Mixing time 3-5 minutes per batch,Less power consumption
The twin shaft paddle mixer works with high mixing speed, high uniformity, less power consumption. Different proportion materials can achieve best mixing performance through lose weight instantly at the critical parabolic rotate speed,while the mixing time can be shorted in a large extent at the violent turnover mode.Therefore the twin shaft agravic mixer can be widely applied in dry mortar production lines.
6.Finish Product Hopper
Reasonable design, Equip pneumatic vibrating system,High capacity
It is used to storage finish product and installed under the mixer, and also it equip ribbons inside to realize the second mixing of material, ensure the mixing of product more evenly and product not block when packing. Two kinds structure finish product hopper can be chose according to customer’s requirements. One equips Second mixing ribbons, the other equips pneumatic vibrating system.
7.Automatic Packing Machine

High accuracy, high speed, High automatic
The packing machine use computerized metering devices provides accurate weighing, stable performance and simple operation.

Packing Accuracy:>98%
Weighing Range:15-50 kg/bags
Packing Speed:4-6s/bag
Power Supply:Customized Voltage and Frequency, 4KW
Air Pressure Demend:0.4 Mpa
Bag Materials:Valve Type Paper/PP/Plastic
8.Impulse dust collector
High efficiency, Strength dust collecting, Automatic control
The Impulse dust collector is mainly designed for dry mortar production line, it equips pulse solenoid valve and can realize automatic dust remove. This dust collector is compact in structure, convenient in maintenance, which has the characteristics of large ash removal kinetic energy and high ash removal efficiency. It use special fabric filter dust, well dust collect. Fans,Cloth cylinder and filter assembly as one, can shorten the wind mesh simplify workmanship process.
9.Screw Type Air Compressor
High Quality, Long life Time, Energy Saving
This screw type air compressor equips Inverter screw host, use good quality copper motor, high efficiency and low noise, equip precise air filter, Industrial grade oil water separator, High accuracy oil filter, high speed heat dissipation system, use import electrical apparatus element, sound insulation cotton. It also equip Air dryer, air storage tank, high precision filter to make sure provide good quality air to the machines.
10.Control Cabinet
Famous brand PLC, Intelligent and computer control
Adopted latest microcomputer logic control system,stable and reliable,special intelligent weighing and batching instrument,automatically calculate and correct weighing error,be able to equip one or more weighing instrument as required,each instrument can weigh 3-9 materials and store 10-30 kinds of formula.Central computer centralized intelligent management,all data can achieve the record, statistics, storage,printing functions,human based process control panel to make it easy to operate.
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Zhengzhou MG Industrial Co,.Ltd,one of the leading manufacturers of building material equipment in China,always provides the customers from all over the world with professional efficient solutions to high quality machine,formula technology and special additives for more than 20 years.

The main products of the company include dry mortar plant,thermal insulation mortar production line,sand dryer powder blending machine,impulse dust collector,automatic packing machine,and so on.

The company has obtained several national design patents and passed ISO 9001:2008 certification. We promise to all customers that:as soon as you choose our services and products,we will provide you the top quality product,latest technology in mortar formula,and special additives.

According to the actual situation of each customer(investment costs,plant conditions,material characteristics,product formula,etc.),the company can tailor a reasonable practical and efficient equipment solutions for customers.

MG products have been widely used in more than 1000 building materials enterprises in China,and exported to more than 50 countries,such as Canada,Russia,Korea,Malaysia,the United Arab Emirates,Argentina,Chile,Ecuador,Morocco,South Africa,Nigeria,etc.

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